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Since 2001 Cardtek provides innovative end-to- end payment solutions for financial institutions, processors, telecom operators, personalisation bureaus, retailers, terminal and card vendors and last but not least public transportation authorities to more than 150 customers in 25 countries across the globe.

Cardtek offers peace of mind to its clients with its award-winning scalable and robust solutions that work flawlessly with multiple technologies and platforms providing full flexibility as well as offering a complete set of fast and secure payment solutions that takes away the need of working with multiple vendors, while achieving the highest compliance standards. Learn More



EMV compliant platform for financial institutions and payment service providers that enables comprehensive management of the entire life cycle of credit, debit and prepaid card products for payments across all sales channels and devices.


EMV compliant platform that manages transaction originating channels and payment networks for financial institutions, third party processors and national switches providing a robust, flexible and scalable transaction processing engine.

Fraud &
Risk Management

A complete fraud detection and prevention solution for credit cards and ATM/debit cards addressing the needs of merchants and clearing management systems.

Payment Processing

Multi-layered, new generation processing center that allows financial institutions, payment service providers and e-commerce firms to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing while sharing adminstrative responsibility.


Next generation online and mobile payment platform addressing the technology needs of transportation authorities and operators for seamless, fast and secure payments.


An integrated platform that enables banks, processors, telecom operators and retailers for smooth implementation of digital payments in accordance with international payment standards.


Proven EMV solutions for terminal vendors, chip vendors, card issuers, acquirers and transit operators for smooth migration of their legacy systems to EMV standards.


Embedded payment hardware solutions covering data networking, embedded systems, remote device management, monitoring systems, card printing solutions and value added services.


  • The Need for Payment Security

    23 January 2018

    The payment industry is driven by digital technology and the need for payment security is crucial. As connected devices are used widely, consumers are looking for seamless and secure payment experiences in today’s payment ecosystem.

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  • 3D Secure MPI module version 2 is on the way. Are you ready?

    04 January 2018

    3-D Secure 1.0 transactions will transform to version 2.0 by the beginning of April 2019. According to Visa, early adoption had already begun in the latter half of 2017.

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    25 December 2017

    A large number of everyday consumer payments, such as parking, gas, tolls or picking up food at drive-through, are car-related. As consumer needs increase, the payment process starts to enter every aspect of our lives. Until the last 10 years, all of us c

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Unified payments. Seamless. Secure. Everywhere.


Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Cardtek provides financial institutions a complete set of solutions to deliver payment services such as terminal and card management as well as digital enablement and tokenization for card issuers to manage all types of EMV and mobile payment tokens.



Cardtek provides full card management and mobile payment services for processors. The entire process of authorizing payment orders and managing payment transactions from the banks to merchant’s account are handled flawlessly.

Telecom Operators

Telecom Operators

Cardtek enables telecom operators to offer mobile wallet services and to operate as trusted service manager (TSM) by providing certifed software to authorise and manage near field communication (NFC) applications for mobile devices.

Personalization Bureaus

Personalization Bureaus

Cardtek’s EMV data preparation, central and instant personalization solutions help personalization bureaus handle the entire smart card and application issuance process flawlessly and efficiently.



Cardtek offers integrated EMV and non-EMV solutions for the retail industry to easily streamline payments across different payment channels, provide secure payment options while offering a great customer experience.

Terminal & Card Vendors

Terminal & Card Vendors

From POS networking to testing tools and kernel products, Cardtek offers a complete set of solutions that makes managing payments easier, safer and smarter for both terminal and card vendors.


Smart Cities

Cardtek innovates for a smarter life. Our smart city solutions range from mobile ticketing, open loop transit, fuel payment solutions to loyalty applications.


Cardtek offers both transportation authorities and operators solutions that will generate new revenue streams, increase efficiency and decrease operational costs while providing an improved customer experience.


Cardtek offers EMV ready integrated payment, campaign management and loyalty solutions for fuel station operators to enable their customers to pay with smartphones easily and safely, from the comfort of their car.

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